Febuary, 23 Road Conditions

Hi everyone, well we just got the first real snow of the year, once we get caught up on our plowing and houses we will be plowing spots for wheel houses so in the mean time do the best you can and please be patient. As far as ice goes we have around 30 inches, you may need an extension for your augers. Right now the road goes out 16 miles past Pine Island, road passes are $10. The fishing was a little slow last weekend but has picked up now hopefully it remains that way for this coming weekend. We hope to see you soon, from all of us at Adrian’s

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  1. Mike Nehmzow says:

    We Went to adrians bought Shiners and a road pass and asked for a road map, the guy at the counter pointed us in the right direction my buddy and I each brought home a nice limit of fish and released over 70 fish walleyes ,sauger,whitefish and perch March 7,2012