Dec 28th Ice Conditions

Well it did not work out to open the road on the 29th. I will not make another prediction as I have failed two times already. Maybe I will become a weather man as you never have to be right. Today out on the lake I had 13 1/4 inches on the thinner ice. The marked of spots that opened on Dec 7th was 9 1/2 inches. In the bay I had 12 1/4 inches on the thinner ice around the trail. We are still allowing any vehicles smaller than full size vehicles not pulling wheel houses. Wheel houses can be pulled out behind 4-wheelers or other atvs. There is a crack that shifted this afternoon out in the deeper water( out by the deepest houses ) so watch where you drive as conditions can change at any time. For those of you who think you know more than me it is not you that has to move the trail when it cracks up and try to keep everyone on top the ice. There is still a local guy pulling wheel houses out and back for $50 one way or $100 round trip. You can call me at 218-434-0200 and I can set you up with him. I will let you know if anything changes.

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0 Responses to Dec 28th Ice Conditions

  1. Pig says:

    After 27 years of fishing up there, this is the first time we had ice problems like this. Very strange, but we have to be SAFE cold will come!

  2. charlie howe says:

    I got a trip planned for january 13th-16th do you think the road will be open to fullsize pickup trucks. I will be bringing a porable clam ice house to use. Thanks.

  3. Eli says:

    When do you expected to be letting fullsize pickups out( 05 ford F350) onto the roads? thinking of planning a trip in the next 2 weeks here.

    Thanks Eli